Tourist in Our New City

Today, we had the opportunity to go to Tokiwa Park to visit what is considered the main attraction of Ube. It is mostly known for its attraction park, the Tokiwa Zoon and museums, so we decided to start with the zoo. The zoo displays mostly monkeys living in a natural habitat and a few other … [Read more…]

My Japanese bath and I

Something I missed a lot when I went back to Canada after living three months in Japan was my Japanese bath. I can admit without shame that it was one of the reasons I wanted to come back.  I was first disappointed when I saw the unit this apartment was coming with. The one back … [Read more…]

A Road Leading Nowhere

Today, staying true to ourselves, Vincent and I decided to visit Ube. As in the past when we walked to Otsu from Kyoto, we decided the best way to learn and discover would be to walk to a predetermined destination. Now that we have kids, adventures like this require more work. I packed a lot … [Read more…]