Tokiwa Park and Ube Biennal – Things to do in Ube, Yamaguchi

In addition to the Tokiwa Plant Museum, Tokiwa Park also displays almost 100 pieces of the Ube Outdoor Exhibition. Since 1961, the city of Ube has been hosting the Ube Biennal International Sculpture Competition every two years. The competition was created to inspire the people of Ube after the war. The permanent 200 sculptures are … [Read more…]

Ube Sake Festival – Taste of Yamaguchi Prefecture

After the Plum wine festival, the sake festival was not following much far behind. Last weekend, we had the opportunity to enjoy another tasting of interesting wines, this time with different sake from all around Yamaguchi prefecture. Hosted again at the community center in Tokiwa park, it was presenting 70 different wines, not only sake, … [Read more…]

Weekly Kanji – Flower – 花

Good Morning! In honor of the Cherry trees everywhere, this week’s Kanji is “flower”. Kun: はな (hana) On: カ, ケ (ka, ke) We find it in : Hanami (Cherry Blossoms viewing)  : 花見 (Hanami) Vase: 花瓶 (kabin) Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement​)  : 生け花 (ikebana) Fireworks : 花火 (flowers and fire) (hanabi) And for … [Read more…]