Weekly Kanji – 風 – wind

The family has been out of commission for almost a week, down with a cold. Of course, everyone has been sick one after the other so it’s been dragging for a while! This week’s kanji is 風 – wind – because it is used in 風邪 – common cold.  From deviantart  Kun : かぜ、かざ (Kaze, … [Read more…]

Up and Down the Hill

As I was going down the hill fast on my bike, I enjoyed the wind on my face. A light rain was falling and my son was quietly sleeping in his seat, allowing my mind to wander in peace.  Our apartment building is on top of a small mountain. Whn you bike everyday, you notice … [Read more…]

Japanese Summer Treats

Along with summer time comes many delicious seasonal treats you can enjoy with the kids. Here’s a few you should definitely try if you come to Japan during summer time. Warabimochi Warabimochi are usually made with Warabi plant starch, but since it is expensive, I have mostly seen them made with potato or corn starch. … [Read more…]

Weekly Kanji – 犬 – Dog

This week’s kanji is “dog” just because I see cute dogs every morning in the park nearby! Most of the dogs around here are shiba Inu 柴犬, a very popular Japanese breed.  From “Les Kanji en Manga” p59 Kun:  いぬ (inu)On: ケン (Ken) We find it in : Dog : 犬 (いぬ) Puppy : 子犬 (こいぬ) … [Read more…]